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Category: missions

Blogs related purely to Missions and Church Planting.


All week we have had a team from Denmark, here they are baptising 9 people in water that they led to Jesus this week. Many of this team have never […]

Flood Relief

As many of you know, we have just had some horrible weather come through the Philippines, particularly affecting Metro Manila. We had rain for nearly 18 days non stop, with […]

Great things are happening…

Men, the men are rising. We had a great mens meeting last Friday night, about 20 in attendance, with a couple of wives. It was so much fun, so relaxed […]

Mens Meeting…

Its so encoraging to get together with the men each saturday night. The world needs more Godly men. The bible talks so much about men being examples and role models, […]


Water Baptisms, next to a genuine Salvation, this is the greatest thing on the planet…beats healing or deliverance every time. This is that huge public step and declaration that shouts […]

Healthy Babies

BBB….birthing better babies, a program started by Cathy Troup has done well from the start, being birthed in the heart of a compassionate mother of 6. Here Jessica is dedicating […]

Helping Hands

As much of the world knows, Manila has had some of the worst flooding in years after nearly 18 days of heavy rain. It was not really a big typhoon, […]

What a World

Some of these photos say so much. So easy to simply pass over them. Take some time, look at them, ponder them, be amazed by them, let them speak to […]

Always a GOOD DAY with Jesus.

Yesterday we had a great with God. A couple of bible studies were cancelled due to some parent meetings at school…but one we had was a ripper. Ps Marivic was […]

This will change your LIFE…

Joe got saved, and he has studied, not just read his bible every single day for at least the last month. Doing this, following his example, will change your life. […]


This is Gina. She has gone from being an abused, frightened and burdened young woman, to some one who is growing in confidence and getting a sense of purpose. This […]

Holy Spirit Baptisms…

Got three, maybe four baptised in the Holy Spirit at todays leadership meeting. Have to be happy with that…

Cool Testimonies

Simple, but great testimonies. Sister Deloros has been Christian for maybe 3 weeks. Her husband had no permanent work so she prayed…an old employer called her husband that day with […]

Kids Crusades

Reaching out to children is sort of tricky when it comes to measuring the fruit. But hopefully we can keep connecting with them and building relationships with them that will […]