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Category: Teachings, Inspirations.

Theories, ideas and challenges to both believer and unbeleiver.

Expand the Vision, Live the Dream

Time in Australia has been so good. Just the chance to connect with people, Pastors who have such huge hearts and such big vision, big ideas, is so encouraging. Bible […]

Simple Faith…Hear and Obey…

I want to start this year with an amazing testimony, that in so many ways is fraught with potential danger, but at the same time, it is so much a […]

Ministry Re-Focused for 2013

Hi there to all, we are so looking forward to the new year. 2012 and has been brilliant, with nearly 250 people baptized in water, multiple salvations almost daily, new […]


You cannot follow a stationary object. The idea of following, infers some form of movement. When Jesus said “follow me”, He was inviting people to join Him on a journey […]

PURPOSE…The world needs Jesus.

We have spent the week in northern Mindanao. Small coastal villages, often with less than a few hundred people in them. Religion has done so much damage in areas like […]


All week we have had a team from Denmark, here they are baptising 9 people in water that they led to Jesus this week. Many of this team have never […]

Mens Meeting…

Its so encoraging to get together with the men each saturday night. The world needs more Godly men. The bible talks so much about men being examples and role models, […]


On the right hand side of this page, you might of noticed that you can now subscribe to a monthly newsletter from Baseco. I am messing with Mail Chimp as […]


Water Baptisms, next to a genuine Salvation, this is the greatest thing on the planet…beats healing or deliverance every time. This is that huge public step and declaration that shouts […]

Helping Hands

As much of the world knows, Manila has had some of the worst flooding in years after nearly 18 days of heavy rain. It was not really a big typhoon, […]

What a World

Some of these photos say so much. So easy to simply pass over them. Take some time, look at them, ponder them, be amazed by them, let them speak to […]


This is Sharyn Moore from Global Heart, Perth. They have recently assisted us in building numerous homes and blessing those families with some much needed goods and household items. In […]