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Family Planning

So good to have the staff from Likahaan (Canadian NGO) come and teach Reproductive Health and Family Planning to parents and teenagers. Children do not have to be simply a […]

Campus Ministry 

Another awesome night of campus ministry, not sure of the numbers, but an almost “full house”. 


Philippines Department of Health has just released a report stating that 70% of all Filipino families do not eat the right food to make up the basic daily dietary need. […]

What Limits

We all know and understand that people need “healthy boundaries”, but what we don’t need are “restrictive limits”. Limitations come from all around us, telling us what we can or […]

Riza Mendoza (Jessie) 

To those of you who know Riza Mendoza, I would like to ask you for prayer for her and her family. Very recently her younger brother 18, Jessie Mendoza was […]

TESOL – it’s an OPTION

  Very happy to announce the commencement of an “Educational OPTION” being added into what we already do with students. As all of you know we send a number of […]

The Future Looks Like This…

I think that we have been blessed with some of the best young people on the planet. I love being around them when they are worshipping and praying. Some times […]

Real Discipleship

This photo says so much about what we really do. This Mayrelle Robedillo, oldest daughter of Ps Marivic. I have posted a number of times about having young people preach […]

High School Harvest

First “Campus Meeting”, so many new young people. It was a great night. The High School is loaded with our youth, so the “harvesters have been prepared for the field”, […]

Example – Imitate ME

Your Example should be the same as your teaching. Your example gives weight and authority to your teaching. Your teaching can then become a tool to help explain your example. […]

Be “Followable”

This is a very noisey video. I could of course edit out the back ground noise, but I choose to keep our videos real and raw, very little editing gets […]

Awesome Group 

Awesome Bible study in Parola, just kept jamming people into this little space to hear about following Jesus.  Funny looking white guy just looks like he does not belong, but […]