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Role & Responsibility

There are so many things that only Christians can do in the world, so we have to make sure we are doing them. Prayer is one of those things. Regardless […]

NEW, is His ever changing normal”

As you ponder through the bible, when God raised up a “new person“, it was often to do a “new thing“, something that had never been done before, or something […]

Sleeping Through Storms

I had some interesting thoughts yesterday in A leadership meeting with the TEAM from Mark 4:35-41. It’s the account of Jesus and the Disciples in a boat during a storm, […]


This is one of the many photos that I use as a screen saver on my laptop. It’s not the prettiest photo, nor is it the clearest shot, what it […]

Sunday Service on Friday

Like many churches, our services are either streamed live or pre-recorded. Our Sunday service was done on Friday this week. I get it and we all just have to do […]

Big Picture View

To everything we see there is always more than one perspective and in pretty much all things there can be elements of truth and error depending upon how we are […]

The house is still there, but so much has changed. I remember that permanent frog pond so well. Remember your roots, but move on, move forward into what God has […]

Interesting Thought

Jesus never taught on “un-answered prayer” or why some miracles “didn’t happen”, because these two things never happened to Him, He never experienced them. When we make theologies for why […]

The Worlds View is WRONG

As I glance around the world in these days there is one thing that really stands out – worldly ways just do not work. There is so much stuff that […]


With all the meetings we haven’t been having, it’s a great chance to renovate the building, change the look, spruce it up a bit, so we’ve gone with what I […]

Ponder this…

When people say Matt’ 28:18-20 are the last and most important words of Jesus, it seems they forget that He rose again and that He spoke again. His last words […]

The BIG Picture

I am blessed to be able to go through 80-90 chapters of the bible each day. So far this year it means I have been able to get the whole […]


In Genesis chapter 1 a divine law of design was established stating that everything both could and would reproduce after it’s own kind. Everything was to be fruitful and multiply, […]

Another rice distribution

As the lockdown in Manila continues, we also continue to give rice, food and encouragement to those in the greatest need. This week another 100 families received 10 kgs of […]

The WORK of Worship and Prayer

In times of separation and restrictions the work of worship and prayer takes on a whole new meaning to stop ministries from regressing and to stop people from sliding back […]