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Category: Baseco Missions, in the Name of Jesus Christ

Missions in the Name of Jesus Christ, by Mark and Christine Pedder. Changing the lives of the poor and poverty stricken through the Gospel and using various means of help and assistance as might be required. Living amongst the poor to reach them and help them, becoming all things to all men.

Out of OLD, into NEW…

No matter what a person has done, do not hold them in their past. Perhaps use occasional lessons from their past to encourage them into their future…but don’t dwell, focus […]

Expand the Vision, Live the Dream

Time in Australia has been so good. Just the chance to connect with people, Pastors who have such huge hearts and such big vision, big ideas, is so encouraging. Bible […]

Another great Global Heart Home

For many of the poor, a home is just completely another thing to what we call a home. Some people live in what we might call an old cubby hut, […]

Global Heart Homes

For a big part of this year, a church in Perth, Western Australia has been funding homes to be built and household items to be given to families in need […]

Ministry Re-Focused for 2013

Hi there to all, we are so looking forward to the new year. 2012 and has been brilliant, with nearly 250 people baptized in water, multiple salvations almost daily, new […]


You cannot follow a stationary object. The idea of following, infers some form of movement. When Jesus said “follow me”, He was inviting people to join Him on a journey […]

PURPOSE…The world needs Jesus.

We have spent the week in northern Mindanao. Small coastal villages, often with less than a few hundred people in them. Religion has done so much damage in areas like […]


All week we have had a team from Denmark, here they are baptising 9 people in water that they led to Jesus this week. Many of this team have never […]

Homes of Hope

One of the many practical things that we do is to build, or to renovate homes amongst the poor. Shirelive in Sydney has recently funded a lot of homes, so […]

What a World

Some of these photos say so much. So easy to simply pass over them. Take some time, look at them, ponder them, be amazed by them, let them speak to […]

Always a GOOD DAY with Jesus.

Yesterday we had a great with God. A couple of bible studies were cancelled due to some parent meetings at school…but one we had was a ripper. Ps Marivic was […]