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Teams Are So Welcome –

For years now we have had so many and so varied teams visit us here in Baseco. People come for all sorts of reasons, some just to look and learn, others to do, some are just passing through on a holiday…all are welcome.

Coming to Baseco is so easy and relatively cheap. The Philippines is so close to Australia, it won’t cost you thousands for the airfare. Off peak you can get return tickets often for AUD 800-900. Plus you are in the heart of a mega city, Manila. You don’t need to trek jungles or hike over deserts and mountains to get there, walk out of the airport and take a Taxi for $10 and you are there. Another plus, half way through your trip, lets just say you have just had enough, can’t cope, need a break, not a problem…kick back, stay in your hotel, have a swim, enjoy the spa, just relax and recuperate or go shopping…it’s all only ten minutes away, “you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere”.

A team can be made up of 1 person or 10 people, can be a church group or a couple, experienced missionaries or “newbies”…all are welcome.

You can put together a team and come at anytime that works best for your team. You can stay for a day or two weeks, it’s all up to you.

Team Activities can be so varied. We can put together a package that suits the skills and competency levels of the people in your team. Activities can range from building or renovating homes, working in the welding shop, doing whatever medical work is happening at that time, play nurse, de-worm children, speak and share in bible studies, youth meeting or perhaps church, raw evangelism, get involved in Kids Church…the sky is the limit, there are so many ways to get involved. Sometimes the most important thing is just to play with the kids, get to know their names, go to their homes and make them feel special. Or even just hang out with the locals, do what they are doing, eat with them, spend quality time with someone who is different to you, make some life long friends.

There are no age limits with team members, there is something for everyone to do. Obviously minors need to be accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of their stay.

Accommodation ranges from 5 star luxury down to budget backpacker, all within 10 minutes of the slum. In certain instances people can stay in the slum with us, but this is subject to conditions and discussion, please don’t just “assume” that you can do this.

How to Organise your Team Visit –

  • Prayerfully get a date and an idea of the numbers of your team…
  • Contact us and check your date with us before you book anything…HINT, ask a lot of questions, this way you get a lot of answers…use the following email address…
  • Complete the “Referral Form” which I will send you…or there is a link to DOWNLOAD it at the bottom of this page.
  • We will then confirm/adjust your date to what works in with us…
  • We will give you some Accommodation options and a whole heap of other useful tips and advice, ranging from what to bring, what you will be doing and money matters.
    • we recommend the “UCCP Shalom”, in Ermita, Manila – big, spacious, self contained rooms, with a fridge, in a great location. We have teams staying here all of the time.
    • smaller teams do have the option of staying with us in Baseco, in very basic, but clean and secure accommodation. Highly recommended for those who want the “whole slum life experience”.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your team to have the most fulfilling missions trip that you could ever imagine.

Pastoral Reference and Information Form

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