Next to salvation, “quality” education is one of the most important things for the poor. It opens up otherwise closed possibilities and opportunities and begins to pave a new path for their futures.

Student Sponsorship costs vary, but it costs AUD 100 for one year of Elementary, AUD 250 for one year of High School. College costs can vary greatly, but the lowest figure is approx’ AUD 700 per year and can go up to 2,500 per year, depending upon the course and the institution.

We currently have a young lady doing an accounting course and a young man doing a computer technicians course in one of the best private institutes in the country.

Not all of our students have personal sponsors at the moment, so if you would like to encourage a young person with sponsorship, please contact me either via this site, or at

If you are considering sponsorship please note this, we prefer people to connect with a student and take them all the way through a section of school eg: all the way through Elementary or High School, please don’t support them for a year, that’s not fair on the student.

With College, people can either support a student fully or partially, people can also deposit funds into a “general college fund”, where some or all of your funds will simply go to the student who needs it most that year.

This is about OPENING UP OPPORTUNITIES, it’s about assisting and empowering impoverished poor people to be able to create news paths for their own lives, paths that walk them out of poverty. It’s about FUNDING A FUTURE. When one young person breaks free of poverty, others around them begin to think “I CAN DO THAT AS WELL”….and the truth is everybody CAN, but not everyone CAN do it by themselves. When young people have been surrounded by failure and buried in harsh economic environments all of their lives, it can steal the desire to be great and leave them with just being content to survive. But together, me, you and them, with a little encouragement, a little financial support, we can INSPIRE THE DESIRE TO SUCCEED. We can not only awaken dreams, we can help them to achieve them.

What can be better than INSPIRING SUCCESS in somebody else, watching them rise to new levels and knowing that we had a hand in that. They become better people and so do we.


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