Seed 4 Souls


The Greatest Project, the Greatest Mission


Seed for Souls – our first slum has over 100,000 people in it, 16,800 registered families, many are Islamic. We are aiming at taking a clear, concise gospel message, person by person, house by house to every man, woman and child in our slum.

We are counting down from 100,000, we might have alot to go, but EVERYONE needs to hear the gospel and have a chance to meet Jesus. Poverty exists because people are dependant upon failing systems. Salvation breaks people free, and connects them into a stream of blessing so rich, so full, it connects them to heaven and gives them treasure that no man can take away. When everything else is said and done, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NEED THAT ANY PERSON WILL EVER HAVE.

Plus, we are now working in three other areas, with a very realistic population of another 100,000 plus people. Two of the new squatter areas we are opening up have absolute minimum Christian influence in them, so we are blazing trails amongst the urban poor of Metro Manila.

If we educate, employ, feed or give medical attention to a sinner who does not repent, we are helping them with temporal needs, but this is not enough…wood, hay and stubble will not stand, it has no eternal value. We are called to be “Fishers of Men, not to be only fixers of mans temporal problems”.

Funds donated here, go towards bibles, tracts and gospel leaflets, DISCIPLESHIP MATERIALS.


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  1. This is our nation, this is our land, This land of plenty, this land of hope. The richest harvest is in her PEOPLES, We see revival, His Spirit comes.

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