Our tendancy is to avoid the realm of imagination and stick to the understanding that we already have. But most things started in the realm of somebodies imagination. People stepped […]


  We do not ever need to fear or avoid TRUTH. Truth sets us FREE, it does no damage to anyone. THERE IS NO REASON TO AVOID IT OR HIDE […]

Shepherds and Sheep

The subject of shepherding and sheep is so important in any church. The relationship of each to the other, the role of each, responsibilities of each must be defined accurately.  […]


1 Peter 3:15-16 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that […]


For salvation to come to your life there are a number of steps that need to happen.. Process.. Not about coming to church, it’s about coming to God.  1- There […]

Gather, then Feed… 

Discipleship is Evangelism and Pastoring COMBINED.  PREACHING and PROVIDE GOOD TEACHING, in order to make disciples.  Gather people and then feed people to make disciples.  Great bible characters who gathered, […]

Christ in me, me in Christ

Man is clearly searching for God, evidenced by so many religions.  Man wants to be connected with a higher power, man wants help.  Man, at some time in their life […]

Get the point right… 

Doing “great things” should probably not be our aim, being good, being the best Christian we can be, should be the aim.  I WANT TO DO SOMETHING GREAT IS PROBABLY […]

Do what works… 

​In all areas of life, there are things that work and things that don’t work. Identify them and choose what you want.  Diligence and Discipline work. Do not wait for […]


One of the main things that we do is this “TURN SHEEP INTO SHEPHERDS”. One of the single biggest lessons in life that you can learn and then teach another […]

Great Revelation

I AM “IN”. Beautiful revelation. For years I have been one of these people “entering in to Gods presence, coming before the throne, pushing in”…  Quoting Hebrews 4:16 Let us […]

Leadership Thoughts

Sheep and shepherds.  Leaders and followers – we are all both..  When you only see yourself as a follower, you won’t initiate things, you will wait to be told.  You […]

Few more Thoughts

We can undo alot of hard work very quickly with just a few casual or un-thoughtful words, phrases or sentences.  Reputations can be lost in a few lines of light […]


Flying from Adelaide to Perth I just happened to glance out of the window at the right time to see this – tiny island, with a bright pink, land locked […]


For those who follow my blog, you might be “wondering” what all these wordy posts are about, let me explain. I am going over all of last years phone notes, […]


Human laws, principals, do not work in the heavenly realm. They are earth bound. I might live on earth, but my life is sourced from heaven. I live there first […]

Alter Reality 

God is a miracle working God, we are therefore miracle working people. Scripture enlarges our dreams and visions, it takes is into God’s reality, God’s idea of normality. Dreams and […]