Mark and Christine Pedder, two Aussies living and working in a large slum in Asia, BASECO.


Around 1 square km of reclaimed land, with an estimated 16,500 families living on it in abject poverty. The average family size is mum, dad and 4-6 children, with extremes where families have more tan 10 children. The largest family we personally know has 21 living children, our neighbour has 18. So even if you do the lowest possible estimate of our slum population, we have about 125,000 people living in our slum.



There are only two verses of scripture in our Vision Statement – Luke 10:19 and Acts 10:38, there is obviously a third scripture that is the heart beat of who we are and what we do – John 14:12…Our Vision never really changes, we aim to do this year what we did last year, but just more of it. We don’t plan or strategise much at all, as anything that has life will grow naturally, unforced and unplanned.

Our biggest challenge would be this – TO HEAR GOD AND KEEP ON DOING WHAT HE SAYS, and then to teach our leaders to do the same.

We believe than everybody CAN and that everybody SHOULD be involved in changing their world for the better. Everyone has an influence and everyone can make a difference. The world needs all of us, everyone is of equal importance. We believe in the bible and we believe in Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world. Of course there are other things we believe in, but basically we are Christians, living out their faith in a third world slum.

So what do we actually do in Baseco, how do we help the poor…here is some of what we do – we are making a difference person by person, family by family…ANYONE COULD DO WHAT WE DO…

  1. Plant Local Churches and Develop Local Leaders for those churches
  2. Send nearly 200 Students to School – who could not otherwise attend school. The sponsorship that we provide covers all expenses for a one year period. We have churches who sponsor children, families, individuals and we sponsor a number of children ourselves. The plan is to make it possible for the bright students to go all the way through College if they want to and can make the grade to do so.
  3. Provide FREE Medicines – on sometimes a daily basis, primarily for children. Basic anti-biotics, wound care, burns care (minor and major) asthma treatment, pain and fever relief, finance for minor operations (in certain situations). Numbers of our leaders have medical kits and small stocks of medicines in their homes so they can attend to people in their areas. We also provide basic medical training for our leaders and others in the community. Part of this is the running of dental missions and medical missions from time to time.
  4. In Summary – WE HELP PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF JESUS…there are a lot of other things that we do, but this is a decent summary.

We have a conviction that EVERYTHING of Salvation is FREE, and so we NEVER CHARGE for anything that we do. The really poor have nothing to give, so we give to them the same as Jesus gave to us, and we do so FREELY.




A one line summary of what we do, would be this – WE MAKE REALLY BIG PEOPLE…

20 thoughts on “BASECO OVERVIEW

  1. Hey mark – great blog. We are in manila airport and thought we would check out how the blog was doing. Looks like you have been very busy!! Speak to you soon

    Andrew & Michael

  2. Hey, Mark & Chris,

    The site is fantastic and it is great to hear some updated info. How was your trip away to the US? Hope all is well. All good here.

    Kirsty :)

  3. Hi Mark and Christine :)

    This site was recommended to my family by Pastor Peter Suthcliff, I think he visited you guys there in baseco. My mother runs a mission to the jails, drug rehabs and squater areas in taguig, lower bicutan. I have been to Baseco, but would love to visit you this trip. I arrive in manilla on the 24th… If we could be in contact tha’d be fantastic!

    God bless
    Bec Del Valle
    Brisbane Australia ;)

  4. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your time on Saturday morning. We really appreciate you giving us an insight into the loving work you do with the people of Baseco. I’m keen to know how to support your mission but I had trouble finding your website. I tried to go through your link but I didn’t have any luck. Is there another address I could try?

    Regards, Meredith

    • Meredith, I think the website is not working at the mo’, we really only use the blog these day anyway. As far as support goes, if you are meaning prayer support or coming on a team, just let us know and we will send you regular updates via the blog or perhaps give you a few dates for a team, if by support you mean finances, we can give you areas where we use specific money or we could just give you the account details to put money into or you could send finances to the church that runs our Incorporation in Melbourne…all up to you guys, hear from you soon.

      Mark and Chris

  5. Hi Mark,

    We met at the PanAsia Missions conference last year in Phuket. We are bringing a team to Pen Asia again this year and would like to connect with you and your ministry in Baseco. We are also visiting Lucy in Cebu. I was wondering if you would be available after the conference. If we could spend Friday and Saturday with you would be ideal. let me know

    Ps Mark Bates
    Valley Christian Centre

  6. Hi Mark
    I attend the Upper Room church at North Sydney, today we had a presentation about your pedi cab business, and how our kids will be raising money for you.

    I am a mechanical engineer, and as my final year design project, I designed and built a pump to be manufactured with minimal tools for a nominal cost. I was wondering whether your workshop would be interested in manufacturing it. It can be powered with a standard truck battery and cost about AUD300. Contact me through email if you are interested.

    Steve Barnett

  7. Hi Mark and Christine, it is heart-warming & inspiring what you are doing in Baseco. I have been organizing outreach activities every quarter in different locations & have been trying to think of something more sustainable that I can do. And then I came across your blog. This is amazing what you are doing. I am also currently organizing something in Baseco on Sept. 17. I hope I can meet you both & learn more about what you do. God bless :)

  8. This is the right BASECO OVERVIEW Markpedder's Weblog blog for anyone who wants to essay out out some this matter. You mark so untold its near effortful to converse with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new extend on a subject thats been written almost for eld. Good push, just enthusiastic!

  9. BASECO OVERVIEW Markpedder's Weblog I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about BASECO OVERVIEW Markpedder's WeblogBest Regards SchaadAndy

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  11. Good day to you Mark this is Noel Agudo, a graduate of Manuel L. Quezon University and working as an ordinary employee in a certain company here in the Philippines. I am currently residing in Baseco, Port Area for more than two years and I’ve actually experienced every aspects of life in that. I’ve realized that if there would be a documentary depicting the lives of the people there. Many would be moved to help those children and widows. And that’s how our team has been established, the team consists of few of my friends (who’ve experienced making a production), my professor of our University and some of the journalism students from our university. We are actually on the planning stage and we are seeking for every piece of help we can find. Hope you’ll read and respond to this comment. More power to your cause and God bless.

    • Noel, I have lived in Baseco for the last 10 years. There are many photos and videos on my blog, you are welcome to use any of them is you think they are useful to you.

      Maybe you should come and visit me sometime, I am not hard to find, I am the only white guy in Baseco.

      Bless you – Pastor Mark

    • Dear Pastor Mark,

      Dear Nuel,

      Am touched with your vision and am interested to join your group and might assist you in any form. Can you possibly send me your contact details for further discussion about your plans? My number is 09275574437.


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