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BASECO – Redevelopment Begins


Like it or not, the re-development of informal squatter areas is an example of progress.

Of course how the whole re-location and re-settlement plans are put together and carried out is of major concern to the existing residents, but if it can be done well and orderly, then “demolition can mean great NEW opportunities for the existing residents”…but only if you believe the news and prepare for the move.

I posted a while ago about the Manila Bay Pearl Development plan for Baseco, well now it has actually started with the beginnings of reclamation in a corner of Baseco called Gasangan. Another area of Baseco, Aplaya has been asked to attend a meeting being held by the Urban Development Group, to no doubt discuss the upcoming plans. We will attend this meeting to hear the news as well. No point living “un-informed and ignorant, when information is available”. Get “informed” and then make decisions based upon the information.

There has also been recent demolitions of smaller squatter areas in the port area over the last few months. It’s all making way for something big.

The people won’t like the news, which is very understandable, but the facts are, none of us own this land. At one stage there was no land even here, then a small piece of land appeared…


..which over time, was gradually filled in by both the locals and Govt’ agencies to become the Baseco we know today, that is home for 125,000+ people…


…but did anyone ever consider that there might be a larger plan in place, after all filling in that much ocean cost some one a lot of money..?

Well this is the plan, a brand new world of luxury resorts and a tourism world that will cover Baseco and even require further reclamation out into the ocean.

Baseco NEW

According to internet sources the deal to sell Baseco to San Miguel and a group of Chinese business men was concluded and signed by both the president and the mayor of Metro Manila back in November of  2016. I can’t be certain of the accuracy of this statement, although I believe it to be true.

Of course the size of Baseco and the size of the reclamation will mean that we might have another 5 or more years here, but the writing is on the wall – CHANGE IS COMING.

People can choose to not believe, but the change will still come…the people will loose.

People can resist the change, but the change will still come…the people will loose.

People can hear the news, believe the news and prepare for the change…these people can win and turn this into a great opportunity for themselves and their children.

As with everything, we cannot control the circumstances around us, but we can control how we react to those circumstances. The choice you make will determine your personal outcome.

The change will come, how we react will determine how it effects us, it can be really, really positive if it is seen the right way. This is a great opportunity for the residents of Baseco…but this also could get messy really, really quickly.

Please pray for us all, a time of great turmoil could be upon us and there is likely to be a lot of “accidental fires” in the near future. In the midst of everything, Jesus is still Lord of ALL.

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