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Sow Well

Everyone can, but not everyone does. We must learn to sow…

What standards do we have, how do we live daily, we form habits, that then overtime forms us? Life really revolves around giving and receiving.

We get what we ask from life and from God. Ask and you shall receive, ask honestly and intelligently. Check the motives. Js 4:1-3.

We also get from life and God. We sow all sorts of stuff from thoughts and attitudes to things & resources. Most relationships are based upon what we give spiritually, emotionally and practically. We reap accordingly. Giving would have to be far more important than asking, or receiving, although both are very clearly biblical. Receiving is a result of sowing.

Both need to be done specifically, not in general, clarity is power, if you know where to go, you can get there. We must know why we sow, we must sow the best of our hearts and lives with or workout any chance of something coming back to us.

Jesus sowed Himself, and all He got was us, which was good for us, but how was it good for Him. He had to GIVE, to get what He LOVED…Us.

2 Cor 9, is clearly speaking about giving in a practical sense, but the principal works for all giving. We must be generous givers in all areas, love, time, affection, care, concern etc…generous in all things to all people, the motive for receiving should be so that we can give more and more and more to others, never having lack. We are to enrich peoples lives, filling the lives of others with the things Jesus fills us with. Jesus gave me hope, love, care. He made me feel special, not alone, not abandoned. He became the centre of my world, and I was the centre of His everything.

I am so far from this concept…I am too selfish to give all of me for someone else. I give in measured amounts, according to my own comfort levels.

Jesus is the example that challenges all levels of giving.


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