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Dig it up, dust it off…


Great parable to start the New Year with.

We all have talents, those talents can be so incredibly varied. Regardless of what the talent is, it has been given to us to use. It could be gifting, abilities, possessions, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, determination, vision, the list is endless, but it’s something “you have”, something that is in your possesion now. You are not waiting for it or them, it’s yours already. It can be used right now. So this year, today, 01/01/2018 take that talent/s and start to do some thing with it/them right now.

Anything you have, you can use.

In the parable one man was afraid and so he “hid his talent” and did nothing with it…because of that, he “lost it”. We are not given talents to hide them away. We hide things to keep them safe, but unfortunately that’s a great way to loose things, not a way to keep them safe.

This year dig up those talents that might have been hidden for so long, clean them up and get using them. Not excuses, no more waiting, get up, get going and get active, JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. You might need to sharpen up a skill, read a book, look some stuff up online, join a church or a club, but whatever it is, do what you need to do to JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We are pretty much always uncomfortable with any new thing, but once we step into that area and persist we just get better and better and our abilities start to increase. Increase in is the activity. Decrease lives in the doubt.

There is always an element of risk, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Without action everything stays the same, even beginning to slowly deteriorate. Reverse this process this year.

Make this year that you have been given a great year. You can do it.



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