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HUGE Opportunity = HUGE Responsibility


We have 9 grand children, and because we spend so much time overseas we have not had a lot of time with our own grand children. This time in Australia, it’s actually all about getting time with them and it’s been so good

We had the youngest one all day today, cutest little guy on the planet and you have to do everything for him, as he is only 11 months old, you have to watch him like a hawk, he is into everything. I just found myself staring at him and thinking of what an amazing opportunity it is to be able to raise him. You get a child and you do literally get a blank cheque…he is neither good or bad, he knows nothing about nothing when he is born, what he becomes will be so heavily influenced by how you raise him, what you do and do not put into him. You will make him whatever he becomes.

I have never had my own children (all mine are step children), but today I saw the opportunity and the equally huge responsibility that comes with bringing a child into this world. This is nothing new and anyone who reads this post will probably go “derrrr”, but today I saw the blank cheque in the child…write on it whatever you want.

I haven’t had children and it would be a regret that I have, but at the same time I think “if I had had children, would I have been up to the task, would I have made the most out of the opportunity, would I have been able to carry the responsibility well and see the greatest potential released in my child”? I got married at 22, and I honestly think that if I had of had children then, I would not have been mature enough in many, many ways and for many, many reasons to have had children and then to raise them right. I would do a much better job now.

Children do not come with instruction manuals, but I think they should, because perhaps while most parents do their best, I wonder what parents would change if they could start the process all over again?

Child raising is serious discipleship.

How we were parented as children has a massive effect upon how we then go on to parent our own children. I watch the young mums in Baseco struggling to parent, but then when you hear their stories and get a glimpse into their lives to see how poorly they were parented it all becomes very clear.

Jesus said “follow me, imitate me”, this process sets the example and many of the proceeding patterns for our lives. One of the many reasons that I must “follow and imitate Jesus” well, is because others will follow and imitate me, how this goes for them will be so strongly influenced by how well I did it myself. We all reproduce after our own kind.

Sobering thoughts.



  1. So very true Mark, something I am very conscious of with our own children and now grandchildren. What a privilege it is to be able to write on that cheque, but oh what a responsibility.

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