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So good to be in AUST’


I has been so nice to be in Australia. The picture above is Geelong, a big tourist area by the ocean. Tourists, free B.B.Q’s, free swimming areas both in a man made sea swimming area and a pool for smaller children.


Even with all of the tourism in this area, there is not one single piece of rubbish in the water, on the beach or in the parks around it. The air is just super fresh, crisp and everything is so clean. This morning we were in Nhill and I was up while the dew was still on the ground, the air was just amazing to breath, mixed with Aussie bush and Eucalyptus smells.

Then the above photo’s are from Ballarat lake, again just everything so quiet and clean, not an ounce of rubbish.


While we were there we got to see Coco graduating from Primary School and we now get to spend Christmas in Adelaide with 6 of the 9 grandchildren, how good that’s going to be.


We have both driven past this lake 100’s of time, but for the first time ever we chose to stop in and have a close up look at “Pink Lake” in the middle of Victoria. Just stunning.

I can honestly say that I am loving being home in Australia. Our house, many friends, our dog and most of our things are in Baseco, but our home is Australia.

I hope I never take what we have in this country for granted ever again.




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