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New Jeeps


Jeepneys, iconic in the Philippines. Leftover from the Americans, they would be the most used form of public transportation in the nation. Unfortunately they would also be without doubt the single greatest contributor to air pollution, many of them just pumping out thick plumes of black diesel fumes, plus they are so noisy. Due to poor or almost no maintenance they just pollute everything…it’s time they were gone.

The Govt’ is replacing them all in 2018 with a number of electric versions. Trials will begin in January. Personally, I can’t wait, less noise, less air pollution.

It yet remains to be seen if the Govt’ can implement such a large scale program effectively or efficiently, but at least there is a plan and with Manilas massive population, something about pollution has to be done and this could be one step in the right direction.

There also a few electric buses starting to come into the city and a few small E-bikes as well. Perhaps in the future we can all breath a bit easier.


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