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Mark 14:7

Life is so different for us all. Many live on the streets, bringing up children with this as their concept of a normal house. All countries have their poor, these are just some of ours.

Children play in the rubbish just like any child will play where ever they are.


For others a small pile of rubbish can be like a gold mine, allowing them a few extra plastic bottles, or in some cases, something to eat.


The homes of the poor literally line every back street inside the 6th largest city in the world.


For some of the old, or those who might actually be dying, lie down and sleep where ever you are.


This man was lying in a popular tourist area. He is clearly loaded with tuberculosis. So skinny, with his breath coming in very shallow, short bursts. There has been no “lucky breaks” in his life and soon it will all come to an end.


Other than the fact that Jesus said the poor you will have always, I do look at some of these people and think, it’s 2017, we live in a modern world with so much of everything, but still so many miss out.

Life, just not as we know it.

It will soon be Christmas, consider what you will give to help others have a better Christmas. This is not about giving to us, but just give to some one, find some one, maybe your neighbour, the nearest drug re-hab, the local hospital, give to some one who cannot give back.

It’s Christmas, you’ll have a good one, give some one else a good one as well.


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