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Boldly Going Nowhere..?


If we don’t stop and check ourselves out from time to time, we could easily be “Boldly Going Nowhere”. Just holding onto our own old ideas, patterns, habits and ways of doing things. Maybe having occasional breakthroughs, but taking one step forward and two steps backwards. We need to STOP and occasionally ask ourselves, “this time last year, where was I..?”. Then we need to ask ourselves, “where am I now, compared to then..?”. The next question is obvious, “where will I be in a year if I continue in this direction..?”. Last question, “if I need to, what can I do to adjust..?”.

The bible talks about “putting things ON and taking things OFF, deliberately ADDING to my Faith”. These are actions, not just beliefs. Some changes happen just because we get saved and born again, others happen with deliberate choices that we make.

Sometimes we can reject change without even realising that we are doing it. Culture, traditions and habits do seem to have an inbuilt ability to reject even the concept that change is needed. If we allow this to happen, then we actually just go nowhere even faster.


That’s why stopping and doing some critical thinking, some soul searching, trying to evaluate aspects of our lives is so important – what has actually changed in my life in this last year? Write it down, make a list. Then what about things that could change? Write it down, make a list. What about the things that MUST change? Write it down, make a list. Then just things that “I would like to change”, write it down make a list. Now, the big question, HOW are these things going to change. Become AWARE, ALERT and ACTIVE…deliberately aim at going from glory to glory. Don’t be passive in your own development, be aggressive, focused and very deliberate.

It does not matter how hard you are working if you are heading in the wrong direction. Get the focus sorted, get some goals clear, be very specific with the direction that is you want and that is right in your eyes and the eyes of God, and then step by step, begin walking the way that you really want to go. Don’t wander, deliberately WALK.



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