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The Disease and Comfort of SIN

Luke 5:32 Amplified Bible

And Jesus replied to them, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but [only] those who are sick. I did not come to call the [self-proclaimed] righteous [who see no need to repent], but sinners to repentance [to change their old way of thinking, to turn from sin and to seek God and His righteousness].”

Sin is such a powerful disease with the incredible ability to infect you and then hide within you, blinding you to it and even to it’s effects upon you. It even has a “comforting” factor, that constantly tells you and helps you to both think and proclaim, “I am ok”.

It’s effects are actually not even seen as the symptoms of the disease, so there is no evidence that you have it active in your body.

Lying, anger, hatred, jealousy etc…these are all seen as perfectly normal by the world, allowing the disease of sin to eat away at the very fabric of society, slowing destroying everything that it touches.

It’s a constant challenge regardless of where you are. For us here in the Philippines, which is one of the few Asia nations to claim to be Christian, corruption, dis-honesty, lying, cheating and stealing are all unfortunately just part of normal life.

Discipling people is that constant combination of encouragement and correction, bringing “discipline” to people is rarely welcomed or comfortable, but it is part of the much needed process to bring positive change and development. Culture and tradition are reflections of the values that nations hold, and if many of the values are negative, turning that tide is a huge job, even if it is only trying to bring change to one, it is still incredibly difficult work.

God has blessed us with great leaders and potentially even greater emerging and future leaders, but even once some one is a leader, discipling never stops, as growth can be, and must be continual.

Please continue to lift us and the ministry up in prayer as we keep pushing forward with “Discipleship”. Include us personally as you pray, because we, Mark and Christine, must lead the way and be the examples in everything.


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