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Put ON, Put OFF & ADD


The bible talks a lot about personal growth and development, which really happens as we “put on and put off” certain things, or as we “add” certain things to our current lives.

Honest and critical self analyses is really important in the challenge or the inspiration to grow.

Revelation often comes which can do all of the above. Revelation is when God, by the Spirit or via His Word reveals something to us in such a way as it is very difficult to ignore, or perhaps another way of looking at it is, revelation is when God, by the Spirit or via His Word reveals something to us in such a way that makes it very easy for us to understand. Revelation often has it’s own active power and once some thing is revealed, that can sometimes can also mean that whatever that was, is now sort of done in your life at the same time. So revelation has it’s power to release you from something and release new things into your life. It’s an active force.

But who knows, that even if we are the most Godly person on the planet, we do not live in constant revelation. As this is true of us all, self reflection is also available to us all and is very, very important to our own personal growth.

People who think they are OK, have no need to change, therefore, they don’t usually grow. When I think I am always right, when no one can challenge or question my opinions, beliefs or actions , that could just be the hinderance, blockage or even the end of my learning. Once my learning stops or is limited, so is my LIFE.

To live BIG, we must be BIG. To get BIG we must constantly LEARN in order to “put off and put on”, we must learn to “add” the good stuff to our lives.

But note this – you can’t just “put on” or “add”, it is very important to “put off” – how many pairs of pants can you wear at one time anyway. Don’t hold onto stuff that you should be throwing away, don’t defend those crappy attitudes, those poor habits, don’t disguise it with the statement “that’s just who I am”, if it’s biblically wrong, get rid of it. It might be part of your culture, your traditions, your beliefs, everyone else might be doing it, but if you know that it is wrong, get rid of it or risk limiting who you are and who you can become.

So while revelation is an active force in my life, SO AM I.

Today is always a good day to change. Be better than you were yesterday.

To really follow Jesus, we have to stop following other stuff.


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