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Help Them Grow..LET THEM GO…


Another new preacher stepping up in Fairview, so good to see.

People want to be discipled, they don’t just want to come, sit and listen, they want to be part of what God is doing, they want to be an instrument in His hands, some one that He can move through.

Pastors and leaders, can I strongly encourage you to let go of your titles and positions, give up the controls, it’s not actually “your church”, you are not the only “stars” in the place. Allow people to get engaged with Jesus and then active both in and out of the church.

“Make room for the New Ministers”, have a church where “Every Believer has a place and can be involved”.

By the way, I really love our pulpit at Fairview, I seriously hope we never change it, it’s a great example, that “anything will do”, come as you are, no professionals here.

This pulpit is totally originally and one day might be worth millions.


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