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Problems have Solutions


We do a lot of work with choices and problem solving, especially with the youth.

No one wants problems, but no one can avoid them either. Problems, choices, decisions, they will be a factor of life for as long as we live, so any tips, council, guidance or advice that gives us better techniques and methods to deal with them must be seen as an asset.

Life will be constantly full of choices, perhaps millions of them over the course of our life.

On the way to any of our goals a number of things will happen –

– we will encounter problems…I MUST LEARN TO SOLVE THEM…
– we will experience our own limitations and weakness’…DEVELOP OURSELVES CONSTANTLY…the bigger we are, the bigger our lives will be…

Try to make choices when you have as much information as you can gather about that issue.

It’s wise to ASSUME at least 2 things –

1 – ASSUME YOU ARE NEVER 100% RIGHT – so check the info’ again. Go over it all in your mind. Perhaps apply the “Thinking Hats” to try and cover as much as possible before you make the choice. Maybe write things down. Don’t let over confidence blind you to errors.

2 – ASSUME YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING – so check again, try to make sure.

SUCCESS is about being as sure as you can be, don’t rush the process.

Time + Effort = Greater Rewards.

God did not destine or design us for constant failure. The bible is full of practical wisdom for decision making. Dig into the Word and find the gems and jewels that are there.


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