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Today we did a floor renovation, burying rats roaches and thousands of mozzies that lived under a water soaked wooden floor.

First thing, rip the floor up.

Reveal the rubbish and other stuff you just do not want to know about. Great day for boots.

Now let’s fill that hole up. Chunks of rocks, bricks and bitumen, then a good layer of sand to level it off. 60 sacks in total, each maybe 30kg, great morning workout.

Now let’s get into that cement. Only two decent size mixes, on a not too hot day. We did our weights earlier, this is today’s cardio.

Next, cement on top of the sand.

Because we enjoy mixing cement so much, we mixed too much, so now we have enough to make a short path to the house with a small drain.

Plus, because the donor was very generous and we don’t waste money, there was more than enough to give our very happy widow 1,000p cash. She lives on 80p per day, so we just gave her a two week bonus and a new floor.

I think she said thank you 100 or more times, asking us to pass on thanks to the person who funded this, which of course we will do, but each time she thanked either us or the sponsor, we encouraged her that’s its not about us, it’s all about her and Jesus. No Jesus, no us, no sponsor, no floor, no cash, so give all the thanks to Jesus, because He loves you enough to do this for you.
Now don’t be deceived into thinking I just take the photos, this little Aussie Pastor is hands on with everything, nothing fancy about my position.

Big thanks to Ps Manny and Ps Allan for helping this morning. Everyone serves, everyone sweats, everyone gets dirty, you can’t hide behind your title.

It is actually Ps Allan’s birthday today, but instead of receiving gifts, he gave one.

Now here’s something really good. We estimated our materials very well, but we ended up with a bag of cement and a few sacks of sand left over, we are not interested in carrying them home, so we left them with the widow.

She looked at them for a few seconds, thought and then said “can I give them away to my friend?”, now that is what you want to hear, blessed to be a blessing – EVERYONE MUST GIVE, she did it un-prompted. Love that attitude, that reveals heart.

To the sponsor, huge thanks mate. Job well done.


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