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Well today was just such a nice, but a very normal day, at least normal for many, not really normal for me anymore. My idea of normal has very much changed after 15 years in Manila living in a large squatter area.

But here was my day today. Up nice and early (this happens in both my worlds) helping our two bigger boys get ready for school, with Mr 5 and Mr 15 months in the mix as well. Both myself and Chris, just busy doing all the “normal” morning stuff. Then run the two big boys to school, come home and take Mr 5 and Mr 15 months out to an excellent playground, which was super clean and nothing was broken (my other world doesn’t really have play grounds and if it does, everything is broken). Then a bit of time at home playing on the trampoline and just enjoying playing around with the boys. Watch the LEGO Movie. Out again to do a bit of shopping where we got more time on a small playground. Home for yummy meat, veg and mashed potatoes for tea (never eat like this in my other world), then it’s bath time for the boys, a bit of TV, then the footy and bedtime for the boys.

A really normal day for so many in Australia and even in other parts of the world…but equally ab-normal for most of the children in my “other world”.

What’s the point of this post – simply this “Normal is very much relative”, not everything can be evaluated accurately by our standards.

Part of our mission in life must surely be to try and balance out some of the huge gaps between “normal and ab-normal”.

There was another part of the day where a difference was very noticable. While we were out shopping there was just so many different nationalities who now call Australia home out and about. Indians, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, English and no doubt a few other nationalities and no one was staring at each other, no one was calling out names to any of the groups, it was all people from so many countries just going about their normal lives. Manila is so “not” a multi-cultural city, every white person is deemed to be an American, as if there is no other brand of white person on the planet and we are all branded as “Joe”. Just odd for me to be in such a multi-cultural world once again.

2 months in my “other world”.


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