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Serve Your Generation Well

This is definitely a cute enough reason to be in Australia, one of 9 grandchildren. Super cute. 

It’s also a great reminder that we all need to follow David’s example and serve our generation well. 

Acts 13:36 AMP

“For David, after he had served God’s will and purpose and counsel in his own generation, fell asleep in death…” 

We are not to serve our own opinions, or the opinions of others. We can only serve our generation by serving the will and purpose of God for our lives. By serving God, we are serving others. I only have one life and there is no other choice but to live it in the midst of those that I am connected to. This is my generation, this is the life that Jesus gave me and the people I meet every day are all part of my generation. 

Serve where ever you are, serve the people in front of you. They are part of God’s will and purpose for us all. 



  1. Many years ago, the Lord spoke to my heart: “The most important person for me to minister to is the one standing in front of me today, not the possible thousands waiting in stadiums to hear my voice sometime in the future.”

    • Yes, I think Heidi Baker also says “pass no one by”. Also it have been mother Theresa who said something like it’s just one person at a time, start with the one right in front of you. Jesus also modeled the same thing. One by one you reach the crowd, but the crowd is not the point, the “one” is.

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