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After coming back from Pan Asia, combining the inspiration that I received there with some very amazing news concerning Baseco, there is so much excitement in my spirit for the future.

Tomorrow I will land in Australia, spending time with family and catching up with so many awesome Christian friends. We will also move around Australia a bit, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and maybe Melbourne. Then I will get the chance to go to Africa to visit great friends and co-missionaries, Michael and Christine Mesiti in Zambia, Africa. Iron sharpens iron, so to have dreams, visions and desires and then to get to mix with so many amazing men and women of God in Australia and beyond, it’s already going to be a great 2 months in Australia. Relax, refresh, recharge, get energised and then come back to Manila for another incredible season in our walk with Jesus.

A while ago I posted about the possibility of Baseco getting demolished and all the people getting relocated to various parts of Manila, well that really does seem like it is going to happen. This week while I have been in Thailand there have been a couple of community groups doing surveys along the edge of Baseco, taking family details, collecting data and warning people to not waste too much money renovating or repairing their homes, because a development is coming.

For most that will be very sad news, but I am so excited. We are here to change lives, Jesus runs everything and He is working “all things for our good”, this demolition and relocation provides huge opportunities for people to change their lives. We can never know the exact timelines for events like these, could happen in months, or more than likely years, but it looks like it is going to happen and that is such a good thing IF YOU BELIEVE IT ANDIF YOU PREPARE FOR IT.

Many people will hear and not believe, therefore they will not prepare, others will hear, believe and not prepare, but those who hear, believe and prepare can use this to jumpstart their lives.

The wise will make this a “win”, the un-wise will do what they have always done, nothing and this will be a sad loss for them.

It’s amazing to think that God is using a combination of Philippine Govt’ partnering with the Chinese Govt’ to open a huge door of blessing for those who hear, believe and prepare.

We might have a maximum of 10 years to gear up for this and it will become a landmark event in the ministry and in the lives of those we can educate and excite about it.

There are many details that I have that cannot share here in this very public forum, but thank God for what is about to happen.

Very excited, the future is very, very, bright indeed.


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