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Who “SHOULD” Care


Much of the world lives under the illusion that others either “will, could or should” take care of them.

This attitude stretches from spiritual things (the pastor will take care of that) all the way to finances (the Govt’ should take better care of me). In almost all areas of life there is some one who thinks that that particular area of “their life” is or should be, the responsibility of another person or group.

As poverty increases around the world, at what point are we all going to stop and say “Wait this is not working out the way I thought it would, others aren’t being as responsible for me as I thought they would be or they should be, maybe I need to become more responsible for myself..!”

In all of our lives there are definitely people who care, but those people are not necessarily always there when the struggles of life come, or perhaps even if they “are there”, maybe they don’t have the ability to always help in either the way, or to the extent that we really need help.

I am the most consistent person in my life, so it’s a really good idea to invest some serious time, effort and resource into developing myself, so that I can better learn to take care of myself.

My world is in my hands, my future, my destiny, will be determined by me.




  1. Very true. I have often said that we are the greatest influence on our lives “full stop”. I will listen to myself and influence myself more than any other person can. True with or without Christ. An interesting concept.

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