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Pan Asia – WHY NOT


We have just returned from Pan Asia Missions Conference 2017, an incredibly inspirational concept for a conference.

As I walk away from an amazing week, you just get left with the thought “WHY NOT”.

Why not change the whole world, why not do the impossible, why wait, why not now, why not me, right here, right now…WHY NOT..!

“I can’t”, “it’s too hard”, “it will never change”, “it will never work”, “it’s not for me”, “it’s just not meant to be”, these and many others are the thoughts and attitudes that keep us all small. I have always said that Jesus constantly encouraged His disciples with what THEY COULD DO, He never told them what they COULD NOT DO.

Anyone who is trying to limited you with words like this, is doing it just because they have already believed these lies for themselves, so because they believed the lie, the lies have now become “true for them” and they think these same lies should be true for you to – walk away from these people, they are “DISEASED BY DOUBT” and if you listen to them or get to close to them for too long, you might pick up this deadly disease as well.

Walk with people who encourage you that YOU CAN, do not listen to any other voice.

Destiny is Destroyed by the Disease of Doubt.



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