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Pan Asia

So here we are, Phuket, Thailand. Not the nicest place in the world, but a lovely hotel. Each year the conference is held at the Novotel, Phuket, very nice.

This year Ps Allan Azura is with me at the conference. Next year we will both be here again, and then in 2019 he might very well be here by himself.

This is a big step for Allan, a whole week of English speaking, presenting at the Conference in front of maybe 250 foreign pastors and leaders, but he is going to do so well. It’s a long way away from the Allan we met 9 years ago as one of our High School sponsored students, to some one who is on his way to being second in charge of the whole ministry.

If it crosses your mind, please pray for him, just for confidence over the course of the week.

Discipleship is all about others becoming greater than you and this years Pan Asia is about me taking a step back and Allan taking a step forward.


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