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The Power of One

Short but moving. I know Phil and Julie personally, great people doing a great work. Prayerfully consider supporting them financially, we do.


He looked to be around 5 or 6 years old and as I approached he appeared nervous, or shy, I couldn’t quite tell. He was probably unsure as to why these mzungus were coming up to this little shepherd boy. I was able to greet him in Swahili but that was pretty much where the conversation ended. I noticed his torn and dusty clothes had been repaired by hand, he must have a loving caretaker at home- but he was still in need of a good bath. It was his distended stomach that had commanded my attention and gave him away as being malnourished and desperately impoverished. I wish I had something substantial to offer him, a biscuit or piece of fruit to ease his pain, but I knew it would only be temporary and I had no food on me anyway. So I gave him all I had –…

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