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Eat “Real Food”, not “Fake Food”


This post is a result of a short conversation that I recently had with one of our national Pastors. In a nation that has huge incidences of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Strokes as early as 35 years old, Heart Issues and many other “Diet and Nutrition related sickness”, there is very little genuine education or information given on basic nutritional choices.

This is a very simple post and more comprehensive and far more detailed information can be found with a simple Google Search.

Once a person gets sick or becomes over weight, they often begin to think “diet”, and if you need to diet to start a health change, excellent, do it, but a much better way to approach it, is to think “Lifestyle Choice”. I need to eat and drink, but I eat and drink to support my “Lifestyle Choice”. If I eat healthier, I will be healthier and I will clearly enjoy the consequences of that choice. A couple of quick tips follow –

Grade your Food

I want to break food choices down into school grades, A, B, C, D, E, F. We all know that “A” is a brilliant grade, while an “F” is a fail. I want to eat as many “A, B & a few C” foods as I can, while every now and then enjoying a “D, E” or even very rarely an “F” grade food.

If most of my food is “C, D, E or F’, then I am actually eating myself to death or towards easily preventable sickness’.

Let me quickly explain – the more natural it is, the better it is…

  • An apple is obviously an “A” grade food. An apple right off the tree gets the highest grade possible because it’s in its raw, natural state.
  • Next down the rung you have unsweetened applesauce. It consists of nothing but raw apples and water, but it’s been changed, so it’s not in its most natural state anymore and is therefore now a “B“, which is still a great food choice.
  • Turn it into apple juice and you’re down to a “C.”
  • Then if you add sugar (sweetened applesauce or apple juice drink), now you’re down to a “D” or an “E.”
  • Finally, if the apples eventually become an apple pie, now you’re down to an “F“.

SUGAR – unfortunately sugar is in almost all food, even the natural food, but the more processed a food is the more sugar and other chemical s is added to it. Our body needs sugar, it turns sugar into energy, we need energy. If I eat all A,B & a few C foods, I will get more than enough sugar for my daily needs, I don’t need to add any.

For example if you take a Banana, an “A” grade food and you cover it in sugar, or deep fry it in oil and wrap it in pastry (banana queue), you have now turned it into an “F” grade food, with almost no nutritional benefit.

Chicken, an “A” grade food, but once you deep fry it, it’s now a “D” or maybe an “E“, if your turn the chicken into a chicken hotdog, definitely an “F” now.

The more natural your food is, the better it is, it’s that simple.

LIQUID SUGAR – there is very little liquid sugar in nature, just think about that for a minute or two. Our bodies does not need liquid sugar and it does not really know what to do with it, because it should not be getting sugar in a liquid state. Our bodies are designed for liquid sugar. One small chocolate bar and one standard RC, and that is all your sugar requirements for the day, the problem is that you will eat many other foods today that all have sugar in them and you will have a number of sugar based drinks, so you will get way too much sugar today. The only way to avoid too much sugar is to remove all the “added sugar” that comes in all the snacks, junk food and drinks.

One last noteTang is not Juice, it is just coloured sugar. Try this for yourself, mix some Tang (juice in water) then let it sit for an hour, then mix it again and let it sit for an hour…the sugar will all settle to the bottom of the container, try to drain away the coloured water without disturbing the sugar at the bottom…what colour is it…white, it’s just coloured sugar and your body does not need it.

Anyway, as I said, nothing amazing about this info, readily available online. It’s very odd to me that we pray for healing and wholeness, but we don’t seem to realise that I can very easily live healthy and whole just by right food choices.

…and for those who don’t know me, I am not a health nut, I have just made some basic and easy health choices that anyone can make. I cannot avoid every potential health issue, but I can avoid some.

Live Responsibly.



  1. This is great Mark. Basically, it’s having things as God created rather than modified! I try to help our congregation from time to time to realise this too.

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    *From:* Markpedder’s Weblog [] *Sent:* Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:39 PM *To:* *Subject:* [New post] Eat “Real Food”, not “Fake Food”

    markpedder posted: ” This post is a result of a short conversation that I recently had with one of our national Pastors. In a nation that has huge incidences of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Strokes as early as 35 years old, Heart Issues and many other “Diet and Nutrition “

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