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What Limits


We all know and understand that people need “healthy boundaries”, but what we don’t need are “restrictive limits”.

Limitations come from all around us, telling us what we can or can’t do, achieve and become. They can come from culture, tradition, the opinions of others, they even come from poor Governance within a country. Often the environment we are raised in sets the. standards and therefore the limitations for our potential achievement, for example “you achieved “this” in school, so now you can only achieve “this” in life”. Some of these things might have an element of truth to them, but they are not final.

Once Christ comes into a persons life, once the Holy Spirit is present and active, once revelation begins to come, all of the natural limitations become less set in concrete and are now subject to a higher power – God.

Jesus said “Follow me and I will MAKE YOU”, He also said “greater things… you will do”, then “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM” (not limiting restrictions).

The natural man by his mere nature, is incredibly bound and limited, but the Spiritual man has no concept of such things.

Discipleship is about bring FREEDOM into a persons life so that they can become all that God intended them to become. In a sense what I need to teach them, is to be FREE, they can then rise to the amazing heights that only FREEDOM can take you to.

If they only listen me, then I can take them only so far (and it’s not a great distance at all), but if I can get them to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, then there really are no limits at all.

Paul said “I have restricted (limited) no one”. I hope I can say that at the end of my life.


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