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The Future Looks Like This…

I think that we have been blessed with some of the best young people on the planet. I love being around them when they are worshipping and praying. Some times I just like watching them as they connect with God.

Ps Allan Azura and the Youth Leaders are doing such an amazing job with youth of all ages.

At the absolute very least, once Jesus comes into a young persons life, that young person, or anyone for that matter, get “OPTIONS” that they have never had before. They begin to see things they have never seen before, they begin to understand and walk on roads that had previously been unknown to them. So they get “OPTIONS” that they never even knew were possible.

“The old begins to go and the NEW begins to come”.

These young people are going to worship and pray themselves into a completely new future and it is a privilege to both be a part of it and then to get to watch it as it happens step by step.



  1. Someone once asked me after watching a group of young people worshiping the Lord, “Is this the future of the church?” My answer: “No, this is the present church now.”

    I believe the Holy Spirit is ageless and always move in the now. So, the youths can do anything we can do now. We just need leaders, like you, who are willing to step aside and let them go.

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