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TESOL – it’s an OPTION


Very happy to announce the commencement of an “Educational OPTION” being added into what we already do with students. As all of you know we send a number of students to school at all levels from Elementary to College, well we are exploring the possibility of adding another level, or perhaps an alternative for those who have not, or might want to, complete College.

TESOL, is one of the worlds more highly recognise courses to teach people to teach English to non-English speaking people. TESOL has come a long way in the last decade, with numbers of institutes setting up online tutoring to both learn the course, but also to actually engage in the work of tutoring students.

As you learn to teach English, one of the flip sides of that, is that your own English also improves, as once you learn to teach, you also learn how to learn for yourself. The Philippines has one of the highest English literacy rates out of all the Asian countries and many of our youth have excellent English due to their interaction with us for the last 15 years. So what TESOL will do is give our existing English speaking students the ability and the qualification needed o actually begin to teach English and perhaps turn that into a career. At the very least it will give them a greater ability to assist their friends who might have lesser English than them.

So we are doing a TESOL TRIAL. I have enrolled in a TESOL Cours, also Ps Allan and one of our older youth, Mariel Raagas. This will allow us to look at the course from a number of angles and perspectives, after which we will know whether this particular course will get us where we want to be.

The course we are enrolled in is based out of Australia and we will all complete it online over a 120 hour period. It costs 10,000p per student, so let the adventure begin.

A huge thank you to Josh and Elmo from English International who have been so helpful and incredibly prompt with replies to emails and phone calls.

Options, we all need options, there is no one way that will work for us all.


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