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Riza Mendoza (Jessie) 

To those of you who know Riza Mendoza, I would like to ask you for prayer for her and her family.

Very recently her younger brother 18, Jessie Mendoza was suddenly and brutally murdered. Jessie has sort of been heading in the wrong direction for a couple of years now, hanging out with the wrong people, getting led by wrong influences, bit of petty crime, a few fights, just a troubled teen really, but nothing all that serious. Riza and her mother have put a lot of time and effort into doing whatever needed to be done to help Jessie and there did seem to be a settling down for him, but last Saturday night, his life was taken from him.

He and his friends were playing basketball when they were approached by three young men, everyone seemed to know everyone, there was a short conversation, but no argument and nothing to warrant that caution was needed or that a problem was brewing. According to witness’s, Jessie and the young man ended a conversation with no incident that might have prompted what happened next. As Jessie turned to go back to the game the man shot him with a home made weapon, firing a shotgun shell at close range into the back of Jessie’s neck. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The three men have been apprehended and are in custody right now. The shooter was 26, the other two are just minors. Riza will be pursuing a court case against all three. The two minors will stay in juvenile custody until they turn 18, then they will be moved to an adult jail.

This just so incredibly sad and traumatic for all the family, please pray for them all. Even the families of the two minors, who knows how much of a part they played in this, or if they even knew what the 26 year old was planning, now their families have lost them as well. There are no winners in crimes like this.

If you are connected with Riza via FB, reach out to her, send her some love. She is carrying a huge load, she has lost her only brother and she alone is being financially responsible for everything connected to her brothers death. With a death like this, which involves an autospsy, inquiry and court case, the bill will be over 50,000p, which is a lot of money in this environment. Anyone who felt led to assist Riza with any of these costs can talk to Riza directly or you can send any funds through ourselves and we will pass it on to Riza.

But the most important thing is prayer, love, kindness and encouragement, all expressed through words.


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