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Real Discipleship


This photo says so much about what we really do.

This Mayrelle Robedillo, oldest daughter of Ps Marivic.

I have posted a number of times about having young people preach and teach in the main church service, and to be honest I think most people probably think it’s “cute”, but nothing serious. The truth is this is real DISCIPLESHIP.

Mayrelle is 14 and she preached with genuine confidence and maturity, had some humour, did most of it in perfect English, even handled a music team glitch without missing a beat and took the message into prayer and ministry in the adult church.

Following Jesus does not have an “age” attached to it, neither does leadership or preaching. The greatest sports stars often start out really young, churches and Christian Pastors need to apply the same principle – “Train up the child”.

“Ageism” is a form of discrimination that we do not practice.

Mayrelle 14, Ps Marivic 41. It took Ps Marivic maybe 7-8 years to become mature and confident, for Mayrelle, she has been surrounded by love, kindness and encouragement, constantly hearing the phrase “YOU CAN”, very rarely (possibly never, at least from me) heard the words “YOU CAN”T” and so this “confidence and maturity has almost been her normal environment for the greater percentage of her life so far.

Where will she be at 21..?

She will be miles ahead of most other 21 year olds. That’s what discipleship produces. The next generation are far better than the previous.

Love what we do, love the TEAM God is raising up and “continually adding to” around us.

Follow Jesus – Make Disciples.

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