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Our “women at the well”

A real life “woman at the well”. A few moments with Jesus, then almost straight into effective ministry. 

Today we will bury a 40 year old lady, Joy, who only 4 months ago met Jesus, but in that 4 months she shared what she knew about Jesus to so many people. She testified continually, conducted bible studies and possibly impacted maybe 100 people, who are now actually following Jesus because of her. 

There were 5 jeeps full of people who went to the graveside, that’s a lot for a poor person’s funeral. 

40 years of sin. Heading up organised illegal gambling in her area. An influencial person for mostly all the wrong reasons, but then she met Jesus. She then systematically went from gambling house to gambling house (just like she used to before) but instead of gambling, she shared Jesus and explained how her life had changed. She kept relationships with unsaved friends and within weeks people were following her, seeing the changes in her life that confirmed the message she was sharing. 
I met her maybe 10 times and it was so obvious that this lady had met Jesus and that she had leadership all over her. She attended a leadership meeting where I asked “who is Jesus to you”, she was one of the few who gave a totally non-religious answer, because she had actually “met Jesus” and did not have a bible based framework to explain it. I remember listening to her answer and marveling at her words, at just a few weeks old in Christ. 

When people die they are remembered different ways by different people. I did not really know Joy very well, but I will remember her as “our woman at the well”. 

40 years of sin, then grace and mercy comes to her, then 4 months of very effective ministry and now an eternity in worship before the throne. 

That’s amazing grace. 

Saved and almost instantly an instrument of salvation for so many. 

She got to ONE very short life with Jesus, but I will tell her story many, many times. 

It’s really not how long you live that matters, it’s what you do while you’re alive. Joy had 4 months of living with Jesus, now so many others are walking in her footsteps. 

Make the life you have now, count for something eternal. Live it while you’ve got it.


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