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Doing a huge study and some prayerful thought on the shift or changes in prayer, between the O/T and the N/T, particularly, the book of Acts. The O/T is full of lengthy prayers asking God to do stuff and the ministry to people and/or nations is all priest/king led, but in the book of Acts it does become more “Peter said, Paul said”. Peter and Paul “spoke in the Spirit, were stirred and provoked in the Spirit….and a lot more stuff was done by a lot more people. Clearly it’s all connected to the Holy Spirit’s presence and peoples interaction with Him. There is still a lot of mention of “prayer”, but it seems to be more on a personal level vs a ministry to others level. The personal prayer/devotion kept people “full”, so that they could “declare” the Word and Will of God in the Spirit. There are very few instances (only two actually, with Paul) where he is actually stated to have prayed for some one, he just did things “in the Spirit”. 

Few Conclusions (to date) 

Develope the intimacy with the Holy Spirit, that allows you to be “Spirit led” in declaring the Word of the Lord with CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY. 

Be constantly “full enough” to NATURALLY OVERFLOW (John 7:37-39)

Be close enough to Him, that you know when He moves, then move with Him. 

The Apostle/disciples in the book of Acts had a very natural relationship with the Holy Spirit. They had an understanding of, and therefore, an ability to interact with the Holy Spirit that I need to learn. 


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