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Go the Youth

Had an excellent time with youth leaders and volunteers last night, what an awesome bunch.

I was speaking on hearing the “still small voice” of God, so we started with a practical session. I was going to be sharing on prayer briefly from 4 books of the Bible. They had 5 minutes to pray and ask God which books. Chocolate was used as an incentive, also making it a bit light hearted, then I left them to it for 5 minutes, came back to see eyes closed, little heads bowed (for some), the point is “they were actually praying and most of them were actually asking God to show them”. Of course a few just tried to guess, but that’s all good.

A huge congratulations to Jovanna Mendoza, who was the first girl to answer and the first girl to get chocolate. She did not say all four, she said one, but she was correct. We had one young lady get three, but she was shy to actually answer, she got chocolate via another event that happened later.

Hours before the meeting I stole this shot of two of the young boys. One was having an issue, so the other had hold of his hands and was praying for him.

When prayer becomes the first place you go for help, you are heading in the right direction.

This all comes after a great youth service this weekend. The young people are doing so well. 

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