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Quote from Kenneth S. Wuest.

PAUL PRAYS (Eph. 3:17) that Christ may dwell in the hearts of the saints. The word “dwell” is from a Greek word made up of two words, one meaning “to live in a home,” and the other, literally meaning “down.” Paul prays that our Lord might live in our hearts as His home. He is already in us, therefore Paul’s thought must be that He feel at home in our hearts. The tense speaks of finality, the word for “down” speaking of permanency. The full translation is, “That Christ may finally settle down and feel completely at home in your hearts.”

It is one thing to be in a person’s home, another thing to feel completely at home there. Our Lord condescends to live in the heart of a sinner saved by grace. What an honor to have such a guest in our hearts. Do we make Him feel at home? Does He have free access to all parts of our heart life, or is He shut out from this thing or that? Is He our constant companion or are we occupied at times with persons or things that we feel are not consistent with our fellowship with Him? Is He Lord of our lives, the invited guest to occupy the throne room of our hearts? Many have tried to make Jesus Lord of their lives, and have failed because they have tried in their own strength. No man calls Jesus Lord except by the Holy Spirit. That is why Paul prays that we might be strengthened with might by His Spirit in order that Christ might finally settle down and feel completely at home in our hearts. The secret of the Lordship of Jesus, is a desire that the Holy Spirit make Him Lord of our lives, and a trust in the Spirit to accomplish that for us.


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