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No more Worms… 

I am not being gross for the sake of it, this is reality. 

Getting worms like this out of a child makes a huge difference to their health. If you look at the size of this little girl and mass of worms that came out of her, those things are stealing so much nutrition from her little body. If you can sort of do a size comparison, those things must have filled her stomach and intestines. Sort of hard to believe that so many worms can be in someone as small as her. 

We recently did a huge de-worming treating over a thousands children. We bring Combantrin Chocolate squares from Australia, they are not sold here, so no one has built up immunity to them, so they work really well. Chocolate in, 12 hours later, worms out and because it’s chocolate, the children love it, making it very easy to administer. 

This last batch of Combantrin was donated by people in Sydney, organised by a great friend of ours. 

A huge thank you to all who contributed. Often people donate to causes and wonder what it really achieves, well – you donated money that was turned into chocolate, given to children and became “this”. 

As you glance at these photos, you also get an insight into hygiene standards amongst the poor – plastic bags are used as toilets in the home and this is 2017.


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