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The worst word we can ever hear in the squatter world is “Sunog”, which means “fire”. 

I am on my way home from preaching in Fairview and I see smoke in the distance, as I get near, the smoke could be from Baseco, as I get nearer it becomes clear, Baseco is burning. 

Then it becomes obvious that this is very near to our house. Not good. 

I am racing in on the bike and heaps of people are going out, roads are blocked as panicked people grab what they can and run. Some people make piles of their stuff, put their children there and try to go back for more more things. 

The fire is actually less than 50metres from our house with a decent breeze pushing it along, it jumps a small road as panicked locals throw water and mud onto the flames, to no avail. The houses catch fire so quickly, gas bottles explode, further spreading the fire. The only good news is, it’s Sunday, so there is no traffic on the roads, in about 30minutes fire trucks arriving and the fire is dealt with. Way too close for comfort. 

We don’t know how many homes were burnt, but I would estimate at least 50.

Unfortunately when fires come there are three responses from people… 

One group run at the fire to try to put it out. Another group, mostly mothers, grabs kids and stuff and just get out of there, but there’s another group who hang around watching those who leave their houses, so they can quickly enter the homes and steal whatever they can in the madness of the moment. 

Oh what a wonderful world we live in.


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