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I watched as Rocky Karim walked into church today (with a limp) to worship Jesus, marveling at what God had done. 

If you follow this blog you might remember these photos – 

About 6 months ago he trod on a nail, did not attend to it and he got a horrible infection. By the time he came to us the infection was already very bad. We prayed, sent him to hospital and the infection just got worse and worse, to the point where, really the only outcome was to remove the leg from the knee down. The foot looked like a zombies foot by this stage, just totally dead. 

While he was in hospital, it was discovered he was diabetic, which was out of control and he was full of tuberculosis, which is a pandemic in this nation. 

At this point the Dr’s stopped doing anything about his foot and starting treating the diabetes and the tuberculosis, wanting to improve his health before amputation of the leg. 

Rocky had been a Muslim, but through this process he got born again, and this wound started to heal. I was away when I was sent this photo, and in my head, I was “you are joking”. 

But step by step this leg started to heal. Rocky was burying into his Bible, at every prayer meeting and never late for church. He was doing what he could do and God was doing what he could do. 

This is Rocky in church today with both of his feet. 

As soon as Rocky was unable to work we stepped on in with help, while he was still a Muslim. He has a wife and 5 children, who need to eat. We gave then 1,000p per week and an entire sack of rice (50kg) every month for the whole time of this drama. His children have been connected to us for nearly as long as we have been here. You could always hear the Karim kids singing full volume on the front row of church. Their oldest boy is powering on with Jesus. 

A few weeks ago, Rocky got baptised in water, and it was amazing to watch as Aminodin (the oldest child) was involved in baptizing both of his parents. 

Transformation at its best. Only Jesus can do stuff like this. Only the fool says there is no God. 

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  1. My Mr Karim who protected me and cared for me when we were alone in Baseco I can only look to heaven and say thank you because he heard our cry. xxxxx

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