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Our Youth R Free


Our whole organisation is based upon the premise, that only Disciples can make Disciples, and therefore anyone who considers themselves to be a Disciple, does not need “permission” to be active in ministry. We actually teach, that because “you are a Disciple”, you are more than able to minister anywhere and to anyone, as the Holy Spirit leads, and that “you actually SHOULD DO THIS”.

If you read John 14:12, you will clearly see some of these concepts in this verse.

So as a ministry we are incredibly “freeing” and hopefully, we are as far away from being “controlling” as we can be.

Here’s an awesome testimony.

Generally speaking the Philippine National Police are known globally for their corruption (which is also true of authorities in many countries). The PNP is often in both local and global news for all of the wrong reasons, which means, that even for Filipino citizens, the police are not people that you will often approach for help, they are best to be avoided.

Of course, as with any corrupt organisation, there are great policeman who love their nation and try to uphold the law, unfortunately the bad do tend to stand out more than the good.

Our youth are very bold in their evangelism, understanding that everyone must be born again and that everyone needs the chance to hear the gospel message. Our youth go out in little groups often, offering prayer, preaching the gospel and looking for places to start new bible studies.

Check this out. A group of youth went to our local police station and although a little bit nervous, approached the police men in the station and asked if they could pray for them. The police men called them inside, asked them to explain what they wanted and very happily let the young people pray for them. One of these young people is only 12 years old, with another being 14 and another 16…how awesome is that.

Young people already living life with a sense of Mission.

It’s school holidays over here, so “we are not going to school today, what will we do – let’s go and tell people about Jesus, let’s go and pray for the police”. Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff.

Our main youth leader, Ps Allan Azura and his growing team are doing such a good job, but even with the best leaders in the world, you still need really good followers if you want to get anything of significance done. We are so blessed to have both as a constantly growing nucleus.

The sky is truly the limit for these young people.

Living “John 14:12” is such an adventure.

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