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Don Bosco has been a very unusual place to do ministry. It does seem that basic things that have worked for us in other places, either don’t work here, or perhaps they seem to have only short term effects. 

The people in the area are very easily manipulated by the most token giving. They will happily receive anything from anyone, pledging allegiance to that particular flag to get that particular thing on that day, with no intention of committing to anything much at all. 

For example, if no one is giving anything away, church will be full, but then last week an organization was “giving”, so we had 9 people in church. Very frustrating. 

It’s like the people are voluntarily for sale and re-sale in this never ending cycle of perceived desperation, where anything “free” must be availed, with no concept of the actual “cost”. 

What does it benefit us if we receive the world and loose our souls, but here they don’t want “the world”, anything free will do it. It’s like value is only connected to a form of  receiving, regardless of what it is. Very frustrating. 

We have been here for years and still struggle to get 20 people in church, because all we give is “Jesus”, as if He is nothing to be really desired. 

We just need to push in further for real Holy Spirit Revival, doesn’t seem like anything else is really going to work here. 

In the book of Acts there was no real plan, no program, but there was a person there who was very, veryactive, the Holy Spirit. He drew the crowds, He moved in power, He convicted of sin. 

Repentance brings Revelation. Revelation is very much needed for genuine salvation. 

Giving is obviously good, but the motive for the giving and even the motive of receiving, has become very “skewed” over time. The people who give, Christian or not, expect allegiance or membership from the receivers, it’s a great way to build a church quickly (very loose term). They give to get the reward of numbers, which for them is some pseudo measure of success. Then others compete by giving more, better or different things, which keeps the receivers happy, as there is always stuff on offer. 

But the receivers don’t see how much time they waste chasing free stuff, when they should be focused on building a life for themselves and their families. It erodes at commitment and responsibility as they will dance to the tune of any drum, at for today anyway. 

Very interesting cycle, where the giving and receiving actually “add to overall poverty”, it doesn’t help it at all.


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