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The most amazing human achievements can often be broken down into an aggregate of many individual elements, each of which is usually very ordinary by itself. 

But when a whole heap of consistent, but ordinary things are put together, they can produce what looks like excellence. 

When we look at “excellence” like this, then excellence becomes very achievable for us all. 

Excellence then becomes more about attitude and effort, less about talents and gifting.

Efforts builds and developes skills, effort makes skills, talents and abilities more effective and efficient. 

So if I do actually have a lack of “talent” (which many of us do), this is no excuse for failure, or perhaps more importantly, IT’S NO EXCUSE TO NOT “TRY”. 

Encouraging “effort” is a big part of our discipleship amongst our people. 

Anything can be mastered, it just does not happen overnight. Start out slowly, review or revise if necessary, but just keep on going, you will accomplish something if you are consistent enough. 


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