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Rice Distribution 

The bulk of the rice has been given, with nearly 1,000 families receiving rice. There are still some funds and rice left, which we will distribute as we come across people who are still in need. 

The whole aide process has been so poorly run by the national organization, DSWD with so many other people involved, who just added to the incredible dysfunction, but the emergency part is over, with many people returning to pretty much normal lives. There are a lot of people rebuilding, some have moved away. We have got some good connections in the area now, so a church might end up growing out of this, as we continue to go into the area a couple of times per week. 

We have had a few bible studies, shared Jesus with a lot of people, and as I said, we are continuing to go into the area, so we have made solid connections with people, that will hopefully produce some salvations and see some leaders rise up over time. 

Discipleship can’t be rushed, it really does take a long time and a lot of consistent, focused effort to see a person go from “old to new”. If anyone has ever tried to help some one, we all know this statement to be very true. 

Salvation is often gradual, but always total transformation. It’s worth the effort and if need be, the wait. 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE DONORS WHO CONTRIBUTED FUNDS FOR RICE. As I said earlier, there are still some funds left, which we will trickle into area family by family as we come across them. It’s now tricky to see those that really need help. Everyone presents as if they need, but a lot now just want. The country has unfortunately been conditioned to just continually receive, but in this instance, the need to receive was very genuine, and we SERIOUSLY APPRECIATED YOUR SUPPORT. 



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