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College Fund Update 

Mary Joy Raagas and Mardianna, both in second year doing a Batchelor of Science in Business Administration, with a Major in Marketing. Both are above average with their grades. 2 More years to go. Both of these young ladies are very confident and outgoing, they should both do well.

Marriel Raagas will graduate Accounting on the 8th of April. We have a few connections that might be able to assist her getting employment as an accountant in a call centre. One of our best young leaders, also very confident and a strong personality. She will be an asset in the work force.

Angel, who will also graduate Accounting in late march as well. Angel is a much more quiet person than these first three, but once again, she is very active and consistent in her faith.

The Challenge for the two young ladies graduating is the culture, which says “you have finished College, just get any old job, start getting some money, any job will do”. So we now have to work with them and walk with them, so that they get work in the area that they studied, after all that’s the point of College.

The College Fund is slowly building up a bit of a balance and there are another 6 students who are not mentioned in this blog. We do currently have enough funds to get these students through College, but as I have said before, in the next couple of years our list of College students will easily double and then perhaps double again.

So for anyone looking for some thing to sponsor or support, I would strongly encourage you to be involved in the higher education of young people like this. Salvation combined with “decent quality education”, this is a package that really changes peoples lives.

Again if you have followed this blog for a while, we very much focus on people more than we do projects. We do the projects, but only when there is a genuine need, we are not running around looking for projects, but we are very actively working with “people”. Jesus worked with “people”.


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