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Great Disciples


God has truly blessed us with THE BEST leaders ever.

Making DISCIPLES, is both the easiest and the hardest thing we have been called to do, but God has so blessed us with some of the best disciples you could ever hope for.

Marivic,  Allan,  Manny, Leo and the only one that I don’t have a photo of, Mamma Ella (I will remedy that this coming weekend as we plant a new church with this awesome women of God), absolutely awesome people. We would not have 5 churches today without these people and our future churches will come from these people.

The pic of Marivic worshipping says it all – PASSION – but I want to make a point here, not passion for ministry, titles, position, not even passion for church, souls, salvations – PASSION FOR JESUS. I so wish I had words to emphasis that statement more.

IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS and these people really know that. It’s not about some white Aussie missionary, it’s ALL about JESUS.

Follow Him, no one else.

Honour where honour is due. This post is here to just honour these men and women of faith – “of whom the world was not worthy” – Hebrews 11:38. There are treasures on this earth, that should not be here. Of course they are far from perfect, just like me, but we are so blessed to have them with us. They make “John 14:12” GREAT.

Today I honour them, but they all have leaders under them, that they have raised up. Those leaders will become greater than them.

The future for the ministry is very bright indeed.


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