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Mindshift Needed

Positive, progressive changes or development, really must start in the mind. 

Once there is a “shift” in thinking, thoughts, attitudes, reactions, beliefs or responses, this is actually the first signs of progress. 

Walking through the fire effected area of Parola today I was amazed at how much construction was going, not just wood, but cement, reo bar, hollow blocks. Materials just lined up at the edge of the community, all purchased, nothing donated, and yet every single one of these families would tell you they are poor. Of course there are really poor people in the crowd, but its so hard to identify them when everyone has their hands out. 

They are all going to build their homes in the same way as they did before. There will be no easy access ways for future disasters. Everyone will do their own dodgy wiring….and eventually and inevitably, there will be another fire in the future. 

Unless the mindset changes, long term, nothing can really improve.  

Without “Revelation” or some form of “Realization” that we really can direct our own paths in a positive and progressive manner, nothing changes. Until I take responsibility for all aspects of my life, I will always be subject to my circumstances and aspects of my life will just always be out of my control. 

As we walked through the area of course we talked to people and we met some lovely people, prayed with a few, but as is often the case, there were many complaints about either what was being given, what was not being given and the process of giving and receiving. 

Many of the comments were very valid, but in nearly all of the comments, one thing was lacking – PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY about what can I do differently to improve my life? As I have said many times, “when I blame, I never gain”. 

We have given rice to 800 families so far, due to the generous donations of Australians and Danish donors. The process has been not all that easy, which has surprised me. We still have funds and rice in our house for at least another 500 families, which we will distribute, we just need to work out how. 

The best thing to give truly is Jesus, as with Him comes Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. He gives revelation, revelation is a form of realization which all leads to change; good, solid positive progressive change. 

The mindshift starts in the heart, not the head. It all takes a long time. There are no effective short cuts. 

Discipleship is needed along side of the donations.


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