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Focus – Find – Fix

Tip to Grow – HONESTLY look at yourself (not others), identify an issue, a weakness, a fear, a limitation – then fix it. When your done, do it again with something else in your life. 

An HONEST “self evaluation”, or perhaps even, an HONEST comparing of yourself to Jesus, can be nothing except beneficial.

Destiny is designed by God, but made manifest by our own hands. 

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is “self control”, once I get “my self in control” there are truly no limits. 

I am am my own life saver. Once you realise how valuable your life is, once you realise that you will live this life for your whole life, then you begin to understand how important it is to build this life right, so start now. 

Any area of your life that is out of control, needs to get your attention, we only get to live once. 


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